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Zakat-Funded Free Medical Service for the Economically Underprivileged in Jakarta

  •   Date :  February 18, 2019
  •   Eko Ramdani
  •   Editor
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ACTNews, JAKARTA – Early in the morning, the Integrated Child-Friendly Public Space (RPTRA) in East Pademangan, North Jakarta, was filled people of various ages. Men, women and children sat on the chairs that had been provided.

On Saturday (2/18), the people who gathered in the RPTRA underneath the Jakarta Inner-City Toll Road queued and sat neatly in front of a table with medicines on it.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) medical volunteers provided free medical services, a continuation of the Periodic Health Service (PAHALA) program supported by Global Zakat – ACT. The free clinic funded by the zakat of the people of Indonesia is designated for economically underprivileged families.

Dr. Muhammad Riedha Bambang, Coordinator of ACT medical programs stated that the periodical health services are designated for impoverished families. “We give not only free medical services but also counseling,” he explained, Monday (2/18).

Since its beginning on Monday (2/4) to Sunday (2/17), 581 economically underprivileged people on seven locations have been assisted.

The number families that benefit from the free medical services will increase along with more locations that will be reached. To date, there have been 35 planned locations in 17 regencies and municipalities in Jabodetabek where the free clinics will be initiated. In order to reach more beneficiaries, more locations will be reached by ACT medical volunteers. []