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Weaving the Hope of Orphaned Uyghur Students in Turkey

  •   Date :  January 30, 2019
  •   Dyah Sulistiowati
  •   Editor
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ACTNews, ISTANBUL – The students in an educational center for Uyghur children that Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) visited that day were shining with enthusiasm. Each day, the students arrive there early in the morning to pray Fajr in congregation, continued by learning activities and breakfast.

“After breakfast, they go to formal schools. In late afternoon, they come back here to study for 2 hours in a learning activity that we call Etut or Takviya. They learn mathematics, English, science, with the assistance of the teachers here,” explained Abdulghofur, the manager of the educational center, to ACTNews in Istanbul, Saturday (1/26).

The students live without their parents due to several reasons. Some of their parents are dead or imprisoned. “Their parents are imprisoned. Some were sentenced to 16 years, even 20 years in prison. There has been no news from them ever since they were imprisoned. We heard that some even died in detention. Some of the parents’ whereabouts are totally unknown,” said Abdulghofur.

Although this educational facility is not in perfect condition, it does not dampen Abdulghofur’s spirit of philanthropy. They try their best to assist a number of Uyghur families they meet.

Abdulghofur mentioned that the educational center that he manages also received aid from the Uyghurs in Turkey who have better economic condition, as well as Uyghur businesspeople in Saudi Arabia and other countries, even from East Turkestan (Xinjiang) itself. The aid had supported the construction of the educational center’s buildings. Unfortunately, it has recently stopped.   

“The construction of the buildings should have finished two years ago. It was unfortunate that the condition there (in East Turkestan) worsened, and the aid stopped, halting the construction process. If the construction of these buildings had finished, it would have been able to hold 400 students,” he said.

“Some Uyghur families received financial support, approximately around USD 3,000 – 5,000 for them to live. But many of them have run out of money. Some received larger sum of financial aid, but their money is also running out,” added Abdulghofur.

In an effort to continue sending aid from the people of Indonesia for the Uyghurs, ACT handed out education aid for 40 orphaned students in the educational center managed by Abdulghofur as a continuation of the education aid program for Uyghur students in Turkey.

“Apart from education aid, we also supply basic needs such as foodstuffs in nearby stores that they can obtain for free through the Humanity Cards,” stated Sucita Ramadinda from ACT’s Sympathy of Solidarity (SOS) For Uyghur I. The education aid has also been given to hundreds of Uyghur Quranic Schools in Istanbul.

For the aid that his educational facility received, Abdulghofur stated his gratitude. He thanked the people of Indonesia for the relentless support. []