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The Blessing of Zakat Welcomes Ramadan in Alor

The Blessing of Zakat Welcomes Ramadan in Alor
  •   Date :  May 19, 2018
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ACTNews, ALOR – It has been the third day of Ramadan for Muslims in Indonesia. The happiness and joy of Ramadan is apparent in the capital city of Indonesia as well as other Indonesian areas. This month is not about the solemnity of worship, but also about the blessings of charity and philanthropy. Such blessing has been felt by the people in Beangonong Village in Alor District, East Nusa Tenggara.

Just a few days earlier, the people of Beangonong village welcomed Ramadan with the food packages from the zakat of the Indonesian people channeled through Global Zakat - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT).  

Beangonong Village was filled with bliss once the team from Global Zakat arrived bringing dozens of Ramadan food packages on Monday (5/14). Every villager gathered at the courtyard of the mosque, welcoming the Global Zakat team warmly. Many of the locals shed tears when they know that they were about to receive Ramadan food packages from Global Zakat – ACT.

Situated on Indonesia’s remote area, they had never thought before that the blessings of Ramadan would come to them before the month itself came. Among the villagers who expressed their appreciation was Mbaandiyatodo (49), a woman who lives in Beangonong Village.

“Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, I’m filled with joy for the arrivals of these gentlemen who came all the way to give us the aid for Ramadan. We didn’t know what to wat this Ramadan, but fortunately we received these Ramadan packages,” said Mbaandiyatodo.

Crippling food crisis

Beangonong Village is currently stricken by food crisis. There are several causes of this problem. The first cause is the economic condition of this village. Almost all of its villagers work as farmers who cultivate an unirrigated land, known as peladang, and seaweed farmers. Most of the villagers earn only a little income.

“Most of us here are seaweed farmers of farmers who cultivate an unirrigated land. We have no steady income. Everybody earns mediocre living here,” explained Sirajudin Kute, one of the community leaders in Beangonong Village.

The second cause is the geographical factor. Beangonong Village is situated in Pantar Island, the farthest island from the capital of Alor. It takes six hours from there to Beangonong Village, four-hour-journey by sea plus two-hour-journey by land. This vast distance makes it difficult for the Beangonong villagers to fulfill their needs.

The third cause is the chronic inter-village conflict. According to one of the community leaders in Beangonong, recently, a farm of in Beangonong village was burned down. The farm, which is the source of the villagers’ livelihood, was almost ready to be harvested and the produce would be the food reserves for the villagers to welcome the month of Ramadan.

Therefore, the first distribution of the Ramadan food packages by Global Zakat aimed at the residents of Beangonong Village, as stated by Jundi, the Coordinator of Ramadan Food Package distribution for Indonesia’s outer islands.

“Beangonong village became the first distribution location of the Ramadan Food Packages. The Muslims there are a minority and in severe need of relief. Insha Allah, we will also reach other peripheral islands in Eastern Indonesia,” explained Jundi.

On behalf of the village, Kute expressed his deepest gratitude for Global Zakat and Indonesians in general, and he sincerely prayed that Allah will give them the best reward.

“May these gentlemen and the donors be rewarded by Allah, since there are no better rewards than the rewards from Allah,” said Kute, raising his hands in prayer.

Now, Beangonong villagers need not to worry about the food shortage during the month of Ramadan. These Ramadan food packages will be enough to supply them, insha Allah.

The Ramadan Food Packages will reach more people in Indonesia’s outer islands. There are still many of our Muslim brothers and sisters who are living in difficulty during the blessed month. []