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Ramadan Food Packages Distributed in North Sulawesi

Ramadan Food Packages Distributed in North Sulawesi
  •   Date :  May 15, 2018
  •   Nimas Afridha Aprilianti
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ACTNews, MANADO – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), along with Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) North Sulawesi and PT PLN Sulutenggo’s Public Treasury (Baitulmal) Foundation distributed staple food packages to welcome the month of Ramadan. Around 200 staple food packages were distributed to the needy families in Manado and Bitung city on Saturday (5/12).

Each package contains 10 kilograms of rice, two liters of cooking oil, a kilogram of sugar and one box of instant noodles. “The total weight of the packages distributed to the needy reached approximately three tons,” said Hadiya Ferrydian SUyoko, the chairman of MRI North Sulawesi.

The food packages were distributed to the eight groups of people eligible for zakat, i.e. the poor, the needy, the wayfarers, the debt-ridden, those whose hearts are to be reconciled (e.g. new Muslims or friends of the Muslim community), in the cause of Allah, those in bondage (slaves and captives) and zakat administrators. “In accordance with Quran surah At-Taubah verse 60,” he added.

Suyoko said that the zakat distribution from PT. PLN and its employees is the first step for them to spread blessings and goodness. In the future, they will optimally and regularly distribute aid. They have planned a masterpiece program called “Sharing Happiness Together”.

“We want to make this philanthropic activity frequent by inviting other companies as well,” said Suyoko.

Suyoko further told us that there are many people in North Sulawesi who are in need. “There was even one location in Bitung city which has never received aid before; they were unreachable, until ACT finally arrived there bringing aid,” he added.

Suyoko also told us about one of the beneficiaries who constantly thanked ACT. “There was this lady who kept saying thanks to us with teary eyes. It made me emotional to see it,” said Suyoko.

Because of this condition, MRI North Sulawesi will continue sharing to the needy. The philanthropic effort will need the full support from all elements of the society in order for it to run well and bring blessings to both the donors and the beneficiaries. []