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Iftar Packages for Rohingyas in Sittwe

Iftar Packages for Rohingyas in Sittwe
  •   Date :  June 14, 2018
  •   Esa Khairina Husen
  •   Editor Maulana Malik Ibrahim
  •   Viewers :  512

ACTNews, SITTWE – The joy of Ramadan should be felt by all Muslims who observe it. The Muslims in Indonesia, for example, have many traditions to welcome and celebrate the spirit of Ramadan. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the Rohingyas, both in Bangladesh and Myanmar, as they still have to live in dire condition in the month of Ramadan.

Alhamdulillah, by the end of Ramadan, the happiness of this blessed month finally reached them, the Rohingyas. On Sunday (6/10), Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) distributed hundreds of iftar packets for 400 Rohingyas in Old Kawadel Village, Sittwe, Myanmar. These iftar packets were supported by the zakat funds collected by Global Zakat – ACT.

Although the iftar packets were distributed during rain, they still waited patiently. Seeking shelter from the rain, they stood under umbrellas, decrepit buildings, or trees. They were keeping their eyes on the boxes on the car, for they had been expecting to enjoy those iftar packets with their families.

Of 400 packets, 300 were distributed to the locals to be brought home and the rest were distributed for the worshippers in the mosque. Those who would receive the packets to be taken home stood in line. Once they received their packets, happiness was shown on their faces. Carrying the iftar packets, they greeted each other. One of them was a little girl who stood in line by herself. She shyly expressed her thankfulness to the people of Indonesia.

“We are happy to receive the iftar packets that you have provided. We pray to Allah for your wellbeing. Please pray for us too,” she said.

The iftar in the mosque was also filled with happiness. They flocked to the mosque and carried the iftar packets from the car onto the mosque floor. When the Maghrib time finally came, they sat and ate the iftar dishes heartily. Once their plates were clean, they prayed Maghrib in congregation.

“My brothers and sisters from Indonesia, we have received the iftar packets that you have sent us. After receiving them, we are happy, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us in this dire condition. We pray that Allah will reward all your good deeds and give you more chances in the future to help the weak and the needy,” said an old man among the recipients. He smiled brightly and sincerely.

This iftar distribution for the Rohingyas was not the first one. Just a day before, ACT also distributed 850 iftar packets for 850 Rohingyas in U Yin Thar Village, Sittwe, Myanmar. Men, women and children gathered before the time of Maghrib to receive these iftar packets.

This Ramadan is a tough one for the Rohingyas who have been hunted and systematically persecuted by the Burmese military. Living as refugees, they have to face many difficulties. They deeply long for their homeland, as they also worry about what the future holds for them and their families.

The Rohingyas need our hand to restore their dignity as humans and to restore their long-neglected rights. May this Ramadan bring change for the Rohingyas to brighten their future. []