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Maintaining Us, Saving the People


Your Zakat will be delivered precisely to the mustahiq within 8 asnaf criteria


Racing with time, Global Zakat will deliver your Zakat as soon as possible


Initiating a social change for mustahiq starts from complementing their basic needs as a human being up to continuous program

An invitation for us wherever we are to prove that we care as a human being. Together, we can collaborate in various forms of social care as a solution to humanitiarian issues in Indonesia and all over the world

Our Program

Global Zakat offers you various selected programs that will ease you in delivering your Zakat. Global Zakat offers selected programs to ease Mustahiq (Zakat recipient) and Muzakki (Zakat payer). Insha Allah, Global Zakat as a trusted managing institution for Amil Zakat will keep striving to eradicate the problematics of ummah both nationally and globally
beasiswa bintang terang

Beasiswa Bintang Terang

Bantuan biaya pendidikan bagi pelajar yang membutuhkan.

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Humanity Food Truck

Humanity Food Truck

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Hapus Derita Lapar Masyarakat Indonesia

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Other Programs

Start Your Zakat

Please Select the Type of Zakah which will be channeled through the Global Zakat Program

Wealth of Zakat payer stored for 1 lunar year (haul) that reached certain amount (nishob)

Saving, Deposit, Current Account

After being deducted by Interest and debt


Gold and Other Jewelry Values

Current price of 24-carat gold


Receivable Value

Amount to be paid in the near future



Share and other securities

Calculation of your Zakat Maal This Year

Minimum wealth stored within 1 year of lunar calendar (Haul) that reached certain amount (nishob)

Monthly Salary (Income)



Calculate your Zakat on Income this month

Zakat on Agriculture is paid every harvest time, while Zakat on Husbandary is paid every 1 lunar year (haul) that achieved certain amount (nishab)

Wealth of Zakat payer stored for 1 lunar year (haul) that reached certain amount (nishob)

Cash value

in a form of cash


Saving, Deposit, Current Account

After being deducted by Interest and debt


Total value of stored merchandise

Total value of stored commodity


Return on investment

Received dividend

Calculation of Your Zakat on Trade this year

Grant, discovered goods, and mine products do not require a haul, their zakat needs to be paid once the goods are available

Grant values, discovered goods, mine products

Conversion of every goods to rupiah with current calculation

Calculation of current Zakat on Grant, Discovered Goods, and Mine Products
Zakat al-Maal Rp. 0
Zakat Al-fitr Rp. 0
Infak + Sodaqoh Rp.
Total Zakat, Infaq, and Shadaqa Rp. 0

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Our Story

Various lessons learnt from ACT's journey to better civilization

1.000 Shelters for Rohingya to be Built Immediately!

ACTNews, COX’S BAZAR – The living conditions for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are heartbreaking, especially on rainy days. Rainwater penetrates through tents assembled only fr

October 21, 2017

Again, ACT’s Humanitarian Aid Reached Rohingyas in Rathedaung

ACTNews, RAKHINE - Food aid was once again successfully distributed to the isolated Rohingyas living in Rakhine State, Myanmar, Friday (19/20). It was the second distribution carried out by Aksi Cepat

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October 19, 2017

Shah Porir Dwip, a Land of Hope for 500 Thousand Rohingyas

ACTNews, COX'S BAZAR - Have you ever imagined what would happen if last night, the one and only house that we occupy, was banged by soldiers. Suddenly there was a "guest" whose visit was unwanted. The

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October 15, 2017

10,000 Meals per Day, ACT’s Public Kitchen Continuously Serve the Rohingyas

ACTNews, COX’S BAZAR - Peeking into the Rohingya refugee camps spreading along Cox's Bazar City, frantic faces were blatantly seen. Nice state is nowhere to be found while horrific memories of p

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October 06, 2017

ACT Served 1000 Packages of Prepared Meals for Syrian Refugees in Aleppo

ACTNews, ALEPPO - When deafening explosion occurs, what follows then are nothing but fear and chaos. What does it feel to live amidst the terror of unexpected attacks? This is not just casual wonder.

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